Late night thoughts

Friday, January 23, 2015

Late night thoughts or midnight thoughts are thoughts and/or ideas you get in the middle of the night. Some people never get them other get them every time. I belong in the second category. I get mine every night. As of right now as I am writing this post it's about 12 pm. Should be sleeping but there is to much in my head! Everything is just in my mind right now! EVERYTHING! From what shoes I am going to wear tomorrow to possible situations about how I could die. It's absolutely horrible. Thinking is a good thing but not 'til the point where you can't sleep because there is to much to think about. You hear al those thoughts in your head repeating itself over and over and you think your head might possibly explode! Late night thoughts are thoughts you will forget in the morning, so you have to wright them down but do you have paper and a pen near you? NO!!! So you just lie to yourself and say you will remember everything in the morning. But every time you say that to yourself you know exactly what is going to happen. Forgetting. EVERYTHING!
Late night thoughts are thoughts that you will never think of again, they are just there for the moment. Just a few minutes and then they're gone. Like a leaf in the autumn falling from a tree.
Late nights thoughts aren't always a bad thing! They can be wonderful and as crazy as anything.
Late night thoughts are special and are just as unique as a cow born with 6 legs.
They are nothing to be afraid of! They just appear at night and are gone in the morning.
I love having late night thoughts and I hate them at the same time?
What are your late night thoughts about?

                                                "Thinking is a gift nothing can replace"
                                                                      xxx, Emma

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