Becoming a vegetarian

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today I wanted to talk about something more serious. I really don't take myself serious a lot but to me this is an important topic and I wanted to express my feelings towards you ( if that's okay :) )
I am a vegetarian.Pfff... I never thought that I would ever say those words! I have been a great meat lover ( and still am ) for all my life. I had considerd being a vegie once or twice because someone I know was also one. But I could never give up meat! Until a few months ago. I have been following a lot of yoga and lifestyle blogs lately because I that's the way I want to live my life. I noticed that a lot of these yoga blogs posted vegetarian meals. They all looked delecious and super healthy wich is really important to me! The more color on your plate the happier your body wil be :)

My biggest inspiration is a girl named Ella Grace Denton from the lovely and amazing blog " We need to live more".
She became a vegetarian to and posts healthy and vegetarian recipies all the time. I started to try them and realized how amazing it tastes and how good and energetic I felt. I wanted to make a change. With a huge impact on my life! But in the end I know it is a good choice and I wil help the world a little bit. As I became more interested in veggie, the facts I found where shocking to me! So much water and land is wasted on animals that are going to be killed. I immediatly knew that this needed to change. And as one of my favourite saying goes " Be the change you wish to see in the world." I wanted to be that change. 

I know so many people don't understand why you wouldn't eat meat, until a few months ago I couldn't believe it either. Your mind is very powerful and it can change your thoughts so quickly. I changed my mind and I am happy about it. I also kind of see it as a challenge for myself to see how long and good I can keep a promise for myself and others. I really hope you consider thinking about what change you can make in the world! This does not mean you have to become a vegetarian, it can be little things like taking a shower instead of a bad or buying food that would normally be thrown away! It al starts with baby steps and eventually you wil see how much of an impact you really have on this massive planet. 

Every night before you go to bed remind yourself that this is a planet and it's OUR home. It's not just yours, it's for everybody, every living creature! Take care of your home! If your house burned down tommorow you would be sad. There destroying and burning down our planet right at this moment and we need to be the generation to say that it's not okay to do so! Please leave a comment about what changes you are doing or going to do, I would love to know! <3 

Ella's blog:

                                            Have an awesome day/night and hope to speak to you soon!

                                                          " Be the change you wish to see in the world"
                                                                                     Emma xxx

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