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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

hey friend,
I want to tell what is going on in my life :)
So I went to Paris with my school a week ago and I knew it was goint to be very crowded. I realised that we had to take the metro and there where going to be a lot of people! If you did not know this about me I have social anxiety. We where in the metro and there where loads of people pushed against me and I started to feel dizzy and I had difficulty breahting. I had my first panic attack! It was awful, and I don't even know if it was a panic attack but it felt horrible and very uncomfortable. Have you ever had this? Do you have any tips for me ?
Also as you know I have a YouTube channel but I don't post frequently. I posted just for the fun a video 2 weeks ago. It didn't get a lot of views but I didn't care. Yesterday I found out my whole year knew about this and where talking behind my back. I am so embarrassed and I really don't want to go to school anymore. Some of my friends already said that it's no big thing and they will forget about it but I doubt that.
YouTube and this blog are some things that I do to escape the real world and talk about what I really love and am passionate about. By them finding out I don't think I will ever make a video or blog post again because I am scared that they'll find out! I love my blog so much that I can't give up on it but I was right at the edge of the delete button yesterday. Then I realised that there are people that really like reading my posts and I really really enjoy making them. It will be hard to act normal with my 'friends' now but it is my life and if they don't let me do what I love than they aren't the friends I thought they where!
The point of this blog post is just to believe in yourself and don't stop with the things you love to do just because someone said it's wrong. There is nothing wrong with anything! Everything is normal, it's everybody eyes that see the things different.
Keep working for your goal and one day you will reach it!
I wish you the best of luck from the bottom of my heart
Emma xxx
         " if you are passionate about something nobody can say you can't do it . "

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