Music diary // September 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

My music diary is a collection of music I have been listening to the past month. I do one every month. My music style changes a lot as you can see with every diary I post.

This month has been Paradise month as I like to call it. I listen to a lot of tropical house music and this month I have found some great tracks that keep me entertained and happy :)
These are all spotify links ( if you don't have a spotify I highly recommend you to make one asap ! PS: it's amazing!! )

Every song is a song that I think represents me as a human at this point in my life. I hope you enjoy the amazing music the world has to offer and if you have any great songs that you want me to hear definitely comment them down below. I love love love to share music taste with different people and who knows I will mention your name next time in my music diary :) <3

Lots of love , Emma
" music is the key to our soul"

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  1. I love your music taste ! it's the best <3


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