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Monday, September 28, 2015

I am writing this post with my cat on my lap telling me things that I can't understand but she is probably just telling me that she's hungry hahaha like always. Having a pet can be the best thing in the world but also the most stressful because you have to think about them everyday. You can't really forget to feed them because yeah you know what happens then....

The first thing that is crucial to know is that your pet will eventually die! You have to prepare yourself for this. It's just a part of life and it is going to happen to everyone. So if you are very emotional and you will definitely have a hard time when it happens I recommend you thinking about it a little longer.

Second most important thing is time. Pets take an huge part of your day depending on what pet you get it's necessary to have time and patience. So if you are short on time or you travel a lot it is important to know which pet is good for you. For example if you travel a lot or you work a lot you could better take a cat because they can be alone for the most part of the day but if you have all the time of the world you could take a dog. Dogs need to have a lot of attention and you will sure be able to give that to them. 

Adoption for the win!! Don't spend your money on an expensive breed of cat or dog when there are more than 100 animals in shelters who want an owner and are technically free to get. So many animals get put to sleep every year just because people can't take care of them or they don't want them anymore. These animals will give you all the love in the world , so please if you are getting a pet get one in a shelter! It's better for the animals and for you. I promise it is more than worth it when you see the smile on their cute little faces. 

TIP: make to ask if the dog is trained and it's child friendly. Most shelter test the dog before they give it up for adoption but you can never be sure enough.

Now that you know a bit more about having a pet let's figure out what pet is right for you!

Everybody has a different character and it's nice to have an animal with the same personality as yours. Let's start ... :)

1) active and playful: A dog is the your best buddy! Dogs especially puppies are very playful and like to run and be very active. If you spend your Sunday afternoon at the gym or doing your favourite sport a dog will definitely be the best match for you. You will have to go on a walk 2 a day and give it great company.

2) caring and loving, a bit lazy: A cat is the one for you. Cats are very loving and love to cuddle and sleep all day long. Do you spend your day watching TV on your couch? Yes?! A cat is the only thing you are missing. They are super easy to take care of and you won't need a sweater in the winter just use your cat :)

3) cheeky and easy: a hamster or guinea- pig is easy to take care of , you don't need a garden en they are so freakin soft! To be honest everybody just needs to get a hamster ! now quick !! Get one :)


love your pet and it will love you.

what pet is right for you ??? tell me in the comments
good luck and lots of love <3
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