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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I LOVE instagram! haha and no, that's not an exaggeration. I get a lot of inspiration from there for example vegan recipes, clothing, hairstyles and many more. I follow a lot of people that I think give me so much inspiration and I really look up to them. I want to share those awesome people with you :) Btw follow me ;) @emmalouissa
  1. Bonny Rebbecca: she is vegan! She posts so many delicious food and shares her vision on veganism and every brand she ever recommends is amazing! So all my vegan peeps, go check her out 
  2. Beansiie: This girl rocks! Her picture are really good quality and her style!! When I see her wear something I just need to have it ( she also has a really cute boyfriend ;) )
  3. Themessyheads: They give of such hippie life! and you know I am all about that FreespiritlistentoBobmarlyanddanceeveryday life. But seriously check them out. 2 very lovely girls 
  4. Disfordazzle: She's a dutch lifestyle/fashion vlogger and her videos are a joy to watch ( if you speak dutch of course) She has an British boyfriend so she posts a lot of beautiful picture from England or Amsterdam where she lives. 
I would love to know what your favourite instagrammers are! Let me know in the comments :)
I hope you get some inspiration from these accounts and remember that social media is fun but don't get obsessed with it! Grab a book from time to time or watch your favourite TV show. Your life is awesome as uncool as it might seem because of all these social media influencers. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you are doing today.

Lots of kisses, Emma
"Social media are tools, real life is a mindset" 

* not my pictures 

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  1. Instagram is definitely my favourite social media ! I love all the accounts you listed and I will be sure to follow you :) xxx Emily


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