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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

After a long hard day all you want to do is just lay in your bed and do nothing.But sometimes it can be so good to pamper yourself. It's almost like rewarding your body for it's hard work. Run a nice warm bath, take your favourite book and a glass of wine ( or for me water ;) ) and Bob's your uncle!

Last week a went on a trip to haunt for the perfect bath bomb at Lush. Lush if you don't know is a brand that sells cruelty-free and mostly vegan skincare and makeup products. Click here if you want to find out more :) I searched a little bit and I definitely found it. It's called " the experimenter" interesting name :) It caught my eye immediately. It has loads of very nice colours and when it catches the light it sparkles a lot !! and I mean a lot.

I could not wait to put it in the water and be blown away. And you bet I was!
It has such beautiful colours and it looks like a unicorn took a bath. After a while it does turn into this weird green brownish looking colour with of course sparkles . Because what would Lush be without the sparkle?!
My skin felt super soft and silky afterwards and my hair did also feel better.

Lush once more impressed me with this wonderful product
9/10 :) If you can find it at your local Lush give it a go!

What are your pamper night essentials?
Lots of love, Emma xxx

" Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. "

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  1. I love lush bath bombs! They are the only reason I take a bath hahaha :) You have to try the sex bomb, it smells amazing

    1. Next time I'm in lush I will definitely try that one! thanks for the tip xxx


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