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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Veganism?? What the F** is that? Like some kind of sorcery?! It's not that magical but it can change your life! Let me explain.

I had no idea what veganism was a year ago. Nobody talked about it and i definitely didn't know any vegan. 6 months ago I wrote a blogpost about vegetarianism and why I became one. You can read it here. and know I'm telling you about veganism.... EXCITING ! :p

How I got introduced 

I was following a lot of vegetarian/vegan blogs and instagram accounts. I was really interested in the topic of being a vegan. So I did some research and stumbled upon a documentary called "cowspiracy" you can watch it here!
This changed my whole perspective on life and what we humans are doing. 
We are basically doing everything wrong! But it's definitely not your fault.
You are just going with the flow, trying to be happy and all. You're not selfish, you're just not aware of your surroundings. I was like this to but I realised that I was doing something wrong. I have always been a huge nature "activist". I love animals and everything that grows basically. It was almost a natural instict for me.

Asking your parents

(if you are an adult you can do what the hell you want !! lucky!! )
Asking your parents is probably the scariest part about it because they might not agree,So I introduced it to my parents and they of course said "HELLL NOO!" but I kept pushing and basically drowning them in my thoughts about being vegan and it worked :) They buy vegan milk and cheese and cookies for me because I just can't live without them. but the best tip I can give you is to make clear that's it's YOUR life and this is what you're passionate about <3 ( I wish you good luck ;) )

Getting started

Getting rid of animal products overnight isn't going to work ! My 3 magic steps are: 1) understanding why you are doing this, don't lose motivation ! You can do this. Watch documentaries like : cowspiracy , the best speech you will ever hear or 101 reasons to go vegan  and read a lot of books and posts about different experiences people have had.
       2) start with meat and fish first , try vegan nuggets yummy! or maybe a veggie burger at burger king ! They taste amazing
       3) Temptation is something that you need to work on very hard! Don't be temped by your friends or family! Think about the environment and the animals! and for the people ( I'm guilty) that can't live without chocolate, vegan chocolate exists, it's called dark chocolate ;)

Get your vitamins, girl !

As a vegan/vegetarian or even if you are 50 + you will have to take vitamin B12 because this can only be found in animal products. Vitamin D is also suggested but not necessary. I buy mine in pill form and take one every day, if you are worried about your vitamin intake talk to your GP!

It's cheaper!

' Veganism is too expensive for me!' - common excuse- 
Your grocery bill is probably so expensive because of the meat and fish, these are expensive products.
Mostly fruit and veggies are inexpensive - try going to your local market- but if you buy vegan milk and meat replacements it's going to be a little more money. But don't use this as an excuse to buy animal products! 

If you need any help then you can always, expect when I'm having lunch, email me or DM me on instagram.

To all the new vegan buddies, Welcome and good luck on this magical, fantastic, life changing journey! Being vegan honestly feels like magic! My skin looks better, I have lost weight and I am super happy :) 

"My body will not be a tomb for other creatures" - da vinci

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  1. Your tips were very helpfull!! Yeey slowly transitioning into being a vegetarian, for the animals and the planet :)
    Thank you, Emma
    Do you know any good lunch box ideas?
    lots of love, Margot

    1. I love to hear this and yes of course I have some ideas. Perhaps make some pasta the evening before and then put some olive oil on it and some vegetables you like. Or make a healthy sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and vegan cheese ( if that's what you like) ;) I hope this helped you out a little!
      good luck with the vegan journey, Margot
      Emma xxx


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