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Thursday, August 11, 2016

I absolutely love jewelry because I feel like it completes my whole look and it also says something about your personality. You can be super bold or have show some settle hints of colour with the accessories that you wear.
I have a lot of jewelry so I'm not going to be showing everything only my favourites :)

My Buddha necklace means a lot to me because it represents as a symbol of good luck and good spirit. I bought this when I wasn't mentally the healthiest I could be so it definitely captures the ups and downs in my life.

I got these two at a lovely little online shop called Yosinesstore. 
They are based in Bruges, Belgium and make amazing, good quality jewelry. Check them out if you wanna score some deals ;)

Blue bracelet: brandy melville
necklace: brandy melville 

My alltime favourites !!! I wear these almost every single day. They are from Michael Kors and I got them at an outlet store in Florida hahah I got them for way cheaper YASS!
So classy and beautiful.

" Life is too short to wear boring jewelry."

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