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Thursday, March 30, 2017

I'm always thinking of new fun ways to decorate my bedroom. I love changing it up from time to time. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, it's where I sleep, where I work and where I write my blog :) 

For a lot of people, it's just a place where they sleep but that doesn't mean it should be a dull and boring room. I want to help you spice up your bedroom and making it feel a little bit more like home. These are 5 really simple and inexpensive tips that anyone can do or at least try ;p 


Adding plants, flower or succulents to your room will instantly make it look prettier and it's actually really good for you as well. Plants will make sure there is enough fresh oxygen in the room! More oxygen means less headaches and less tiredness. You can buy plants and flowers at your local flower shop or they have some great (fake) plants in Ikea. I personally prefer succulents because they are soooo easy to maintain. especially if you are a professional plant killer like myself.


I know so many people who are scared of color in their rooms because they think it will predominate everthing else but just adding a bit of color to a space is so fun and it will look amazing in the end. Just buy one bright yellow pillow or one neon green lamp! Be a little brave and it will look so good, I promise.


A scent can bring back so many good ( or bad ) memories, so making your room smell great is an amazing way of spicing up your space. Take your favourite perfume and maybe they have that scent in a candle of room diffuser. I personally reall like room diffusers because they are less dangerous than candles and they last for such a long time! I love flower scents in summer and deep, warmer scents in winter. It just really sets the mood before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning.

I hope I gave you some useful tips on how to decorate your room and definitely let me know if tried out one of the tips :)

lots of love , Emma 

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