Smoothie bowl // recipe

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Smoothie bowls are super delicious and healthy! I love to make them on a warm spring day or in the summer as a fresh snack!

Here is one of my favourite smoothie bowl recipes:

1 banana
5-8 strawberries (depends how big you want your smoothie bowl)
A handful of blueberries
any muesli of your choice, I prefer All Bran plus
yoghurt, coconut milk, soy milk, water,.....

How to make:
take 5 strawberries ( frozen) or more and a big spoon of yoghurt or a cup of milk and mix together in a blender until the consistency is smooth.

Put the smoothie in a bowl and smooth it out with a spoon.
Cut a banana and a few strawberries and put on top. 
Take a handful of blueberries and put on top of the strawberries.
Sprinkle some muesli or all bran over the top and now for my favourite part!

Put some nutella in a small glass bowl and put in the microwave for 30 sec on 500-700 WATT. Take a fork or knive and put the delicious nutella all over the smoothie bowl! The more, the better!

Send me a picture of your smoothie bowl on instagram @emmalouissa 

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